What happens to the fetus if it dies in the womb?

Answer It starts to decompose. It either comes out by itself or you need help from a doctor to get it out.

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At what month can the fetus could survive outside the womb?

there was a baby that was born at 19 weeks and ended up living. my friends kids were born at 19 weeks but didnt make it. so i would say 26 weeks at the earliest. still not the greatest odds. but my... Read More »

Can a fetus survive outside the womb at 35 weeks?

Yes there's a chance of survival from the 6th month but the baby might need some time in a incubator.

When can a fetus survive outside the womb?

On One Hand: Around Week 26According to Westside Pregnancy Clinic, fetuses can start to survive outside the womb during the 26th week (during the third trimester). At this time, if the fetus has th... Read More »

Can a 23 week old fetus live outside the womb?

It has a chance and it will most likely bring complications.