What happens to the developing child in he first trimester?

Answer First it's a Zygote, a fertilized egg, and then a blastocyst. Medically it's not a child until it's born. But if we start with embryo you can read all about it in the link below.

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Can cough medicine taken during the first trimester harm the developing fetus?

Answer Even over-the-counter drugs are just that, "drugs." Before even taking an aspirin or anything for a cold, all you have to do is phone the pharmacist and tell them you are pregnant and can ... Read More »

What happens to an adopted child if something happens to the adoptive parents before the child is of legal age?

Answer Relatives of the adopted child whether biological or through the adoptive parents are given the opportunity to become the minor child's guardian.If there is an estate a Guardian Ad Litem wi... Read More »

What Are The Chances Of Miscarriage After First Trimester?

Miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy, or expulsion of a fetus before it is sufficiently developed to survive. The term "miscarriage" is strictly a popular or lay term. Physicians typically use " ... Read More »

What can happen to fetus if mother took apo-metronidazole during first trimester?

The medication is called "Duramorph"-- it is a long-acting morphine.