What happens to the blood when a woman dies while on her period?

Answer Women in comas continue to menstruate unless there some other reason that interrupts the cycle.Once you die, the hormonal negative feedback cycle is interrupted and menstruation ceases. Not immedia... Read More »

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What happens to an unborn baby if the mother dies while pregnant?

It depends on the gestational age of the fetus. If the fetus is 27 weeks or later an emergency delivery of the baby can be done to try and save it. A baby could survive earlier than 27 weeks. With ... Read More »

What happens to the video on a kodak zi6 if the battery dies while your recording saved or lost?

Why would you "lose the video"?The video file on the card is just a file... like a Word document or Excel document or a digital still picture. When you remove the card from the camcorder and put it... Read More »

If a woman dies while menstruating, will she still continue to bleed until it is the end of her cycle?

No. She will stop bleeding. Blood flow stops after death bcoz heart stops. Bcoz blood flow stops blood begings to coagulate (stagnation is a cause for coagulation even in an alive person). Blood in... Read More »

What happens when the queen bee dies?

The queen bee in a colony or hive serves as the hive's source of reproduction, as she is the only sexually mature female in the colony. When she dies, workers will attempt to raise another queen.Ne... Read More »