What happens to the analog cable TV after February 2009?

Answer The DTV transition in the United States is somewhat complicated when it comes to cable television subscribers. It is for this reason that I suspect Websites such as the FCC’s DTV consumer educati... Read More »

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Will an analog TV work without a cable box after 2009?

After 2009, the analog TV will only work without a cable box if you have a digital converter box hooked up to the TV. Analog TVs that are receiving a signal through cable or satellite dish do not n... Read More »

Can you get digital TV programs without cable service after February 2009?

June 12, 2009, was the last day consumers could get broadcast programming without a digital receiver or a set-top, analog-to-digital converter box. The congressionally mandated move to all-digital ... Read More »

Analog TV signals to be fully shut off June 12, 09 pushed back from February because so many were unprepared.?

I think the switch to digital should be postponed indefinitely. I don't have cable or direct TV, but I will be forced to get one of these services in June because all the digital TV stations are l... Read More »

What do you think of February 17, 2009?

i have direct tv so idk nd i really actually dont im not saying tv sucks but we have other things to entertain ourselfs,. the thing that is dear to us nd always will be there shopping,vid... Read More »