What happens to renters after foreclosure?

Answer Foreclosure is the legal process in which an owner's rights to a property are shifted to the lender. Renters or tenants find themselves affected by foreclosure when the owner or landlord of their p... Read More »

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What happens after a foreclosure in Georgia?

Once a Georgia homeowner starts to miss payments, a foreclosure of the owner's property may occur. The mortgage lender can begin the foreclosure process, which can result in the repossession of the... Read More »

What happens after a foreclosure sale?

Foreclosures can be a sticky situation for borrowers and banks. It's important for consumers to know how a foreclosure sale will effect them for many years to come.Credit ScoreAfter a bank foreclos... Read More »

What happens after foreclosure in Maryland?

In the state of Maryland, it can take 90 to 100 days to process an uncontested foreclosure. If a foreclosure sale takes place, the property is sold through a public auction.Foreclosure AuctionForec... Read More »

What happens after a foreclosure notice?

The foreclosure process is different from state to state. The following is a general overview that describes what usually happens after a foreclosure notice is received. Contact an attorney in your... Read More »