What happens to plastic after it has been recycled?

Answer After recyclable plastic is collected from the curbside it goes through a long process before it can be made usable again. While different types of plastic may be processed in different ways, the o... Read More »

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What happens to recycled plastic bottles?

Bottles that are recycled go through a process that can turn them into just about anything. The process can make the hard plastic not just back into bottles but even soft materials. Bottles recycle... Read More »

What happens after a car has been repossessed?

After a car is repossessed, several things could happen to the vehicle. If the borrower who defaulted pays the past due obligations, the vehicle could be returned. If not, a vehicle may be resold t... Read More »

Ok... what happens when you don't get a TETANUS shot after you've been cut by something rusty?

Tetany is a disease process comes about by a particular bug that lives in dirt. When I say bug I mean germ. This germ likes places that are dark, warm and lack oxygen. When you step on a rusty nail... Read More »

What happens if a seller finds a problem with the house after a sales contract has been signed?

On One Hand: The Sales Contract Should Give OptionsA signed contract for a home is not ironclad, especially if the seller discovers problems with the home after inspection. The seller is obligated ... Read More »