What happens to peoples social networking accounts when they die?

Answer Hi Banjo...Good question.....If they have a "contact us" associated with the site, it might be a good question to pose to them. I wonder if they know.One thing for sure, the owner of the account wi... Read More »

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Any site we can keep track of all accounts we have in different social networking sites in that ONE website? is a social network and online media aggregator – you create a simple free account and Swimwire can put these all together, saving you time and effort telling people ... Read More »

How to tell my mom about my social networking?

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What do you think of Social Networking?

I don't know... most of what I hear and see... it just isn't for me. I don't need to post pictures of myself, add two hundred people as "friends" or keep up with family and friends that live aroun... Read More »

Can you name me most of the social networking sites?…