What happens to peoples social networking accounts when they die?

Answer Hi Banjo...Good question.....If they have a "contact us" associated with the site, it might be a good question to pose to them. I wonder if they know.One thing for sure, the owner of the account wi... Read More »

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Any site we can keep track of all accounts we have in different social networking sites in that ONE website? is a social network and online media aggregator – you create a simple free account and Swimwire can put these all together, saving you time and effort telling people ... Read More »

What happens when I combine my old and new gmail accounts?

Your you tube will be connected to whatever account you choose as your primary account. It should remain in tact.

What happens to bank accounts when someone dies?

Death is a messy business, and figuring out what happens to someone's belongings after they pass is never easy. The way their estate is handled counts on a number of things.Execution of WillIf the... Read More »

What Happens to Checking Accounts When a Bank Goes Bankrupt?

When a bank goes bankrupt, it can no longer pay back its checking account depositors. Before 1934, when Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. insurance began, depositors risked losing all of their money ... Read More »