What happens to national insurance?

Answer can I receive money for my children if their father is on disablity? we are separated

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What happens if someone hits your car with no insurance but you got no fault insurance?

What Happens to an Insurance Policy When an Insurance Company Bankrupts?

Insurance companies have a protection called the state guaranty fund that operates much as the FDIC does for banks. When an insurance company is in financial trouble, the guaranty association takes... Read More »

What happens to people with insurance policies if their insurance company goes under especially those?

It depends where you live and what exactly happens to the company.If the company gets sold to another company, chances are nothing will change in the policies other than possibly a different logo o... Read More »

What Happens If you lied about and Injury to get out of the national Guard?

NO ... the US supreme court has ruled that hair testing in the work place is unconstitutional ... the Air Force is a job ...