What happens to money when it is old&worn out?

Answer Paper money issued by the United States Federal Reserve is not designed to last forever. Old, worn-out paper money and coins are removed from circulation over time. Many factors determine when the ... Read More »

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What happens to the money in your unemployment account when you become disabled?

The easiest way is to shop online because you can review the different companies to get the best deals. Just make sure you know what kind of travel insurance you need. Is it for long stay or multi-... Read More »

What happens when you go to a restaurant and don't have enough money to pay and no credit card?

if they management is nice, they'll take your name, address, phone number, and have you pay them back later.if they are't nice, or it was a huuuuggge dinner, they might have you call someone who ca... Read More »

If you and your kids are on SSDI when the oldest kid is too old to collect what happens to their monthly money?

Answer If you are in the state of Texas, most disability, both short term and long term disability will cover 60% of your income tax free.

What happens when the husband receives inheritance from his parents and then dies shortly after does the wife get the money or his siblings?

It depends on how your husband's parents left the will. In most cases when an inheritance is left to the husband and he passes on then any monies or property is merged into what your husbands finan... Read More »