What happens to male chicks in *free range* poultry/egg farms?

Answer Free-range male chicks are also killed just like from conventional producers. They are either killed shortly after hatching or are bred to become meat. The free-range farms don't give their male ... Read More »

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How do i tell the difference between male&female chicks?

You can purchase chicks from a feed store or a hatchery, and can raise them as pets, or for the family table. If you purchased chicks for laying eggs, you may wonder if any of your chicks are femal... Read More »

How do i tell the difference between male&female barred rock baby chicks?

SpotsExamine the shape and distribution of the lightly colored spots that each chick has. Females will have more even and defined spots whereas the males will have larger, abnormally-shaped spots. ... Read More »

Is Morningstar Farms GMO free?

As of February 2011, Morningstar Farms "Breakfast Patties Made With Organic Soy" is the only Morningstar Farms product that does not contain genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. All of the othe... Read More »

Support local farms and organic farms?

Stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes are known for having organic produce and buy locally. They are not perfect and not everything is organic. But they often support local farmers who grow organ... Read More »