What happens to flowers in spring?

Answer The bud starts to grow

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What types of Spring flowers will you plant this Spring?

sunflowers, dasiey, any and every wild flower i possible can.....nothing more beautiful than a field full of wild flowers....the smell beautilful too and after a fresh spring they are great.....hmm... Read More »

Why do flowers bloom in the spring?

Not all flowers bloom in spring. Those that do so largely because they need to set fruit or seed and have it mature before winter. In the winter, the fruits would not be able to withstand the cold ... Read More »

Spring Flowers in Arizona?

Spring flowers in the Arizona desert sprout in late December and early January, depending on the rain in November. If the rain is sparse, the seeds won't sprout at all but wait until the following ... Read More »

Spring Flowers in Canada?

Spring is an exciting time of year; plants emerge from dormancy and flowers begin to bloom. Canada is home to many spring-blooming flowers. The expansive nation has many different climates suitable... Read More »