What happens to facebook profiles after the person has died?

Answer For everyone who has died, their Facebook page remains online unless a family member asks for it to be removed, providing information that they are actually a relative of the deceased.

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What happens in the body after immunisation to stop a person catching measles in the future?

Certain cells in the blood are on the lookout for anything foreign, like particles from a virus. When they come across these foreign particles, they build antibodies. Initially, this process is s... Read More »

How long will a organ last after a person has died, to be able to use for a transplant?

Utter nonsense 5 hours! Take liver transplantation. In the old days it was a case of a few hours maximum, but now, since the development of wisconsin fluid, the lead surgeons can have a full nights... Read More »

What do you call the person in the FBI and-or CIA who talks to the press and gives profiles?

How to See Facebook Profiles?

Sometimes, you can view the public portion of someone's Facebook profile by typing her name and the word "Facebook" into an Internet search engine. Alternatively, you can click on the "Find Friends... Read More »