What happens to donated cars?

Answer Donated cars are usually sold at auction. Occasionally, however, a donated car is kept by the charity and is used in its day-to-day business.ShippingYour donated car may be shipped to one of severa... Read More »

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How to Accept Donated Cars As a Nonprofit Fundraiser?

Vehicle donations were once a major source of income for nonprofits. However, after changes in tax law and highly publicized cases of fraud, vehicle donations for some nonprofits have flatlined. Yo... Read More »

What happens to new cars not sold?

New cars that are not sold face a variety of fates. Most commonly, an unsold vehicle is put into rental or loaner status, where the vehicle is titled to the dealership and loaned or rented to servi... Read More »

What Happens to Cars When the Lease Is Over?

When a lease contract is up, the current owner can purchase the car, the dealer can purchase it or the bank can resell it at auction or to an interested buyer.

What is donated to nonprofit organizations?

Nonprofit organizations receive all kinds of donations. People often donate their time and expertise to nonprofit organizations, and they do this through volunteering during the week and offering t... Read More »