What happens to credit card debt when a person dies?

Answer What happens to credit card debt after a person dies depends on a number of factors, such as the place of residence, who applied for the card and whether the deceased held the account alone.Lone Ho... Read More »

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What happens to debt when a person dies?

Debts and finances can be difficult and confusing to deal with, and sorting through the finances of a loved one after his death is even more challenging. It is therefore quite important to underst... Read More »

What happens when you are sued over credit card debt?

If standard debt collection methods, such as letters and telephone calls, fail, a creditor has the right to file a lawsuit against the debtor. When a creditor wins a lawsuit, the court grants a jud... Read More »

What happens when a credit card company can't validate the debt to the consumer?

If you are being hounded for a debt you don't think you owe, you have the right to demand proof of its legitimacy. There are several federal laws that require both creditors and credit bureaus to p... Read More »

What Happens to Credit Card Debt in Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can serve as a powerful form of debt relief for individuals who can no longer afford growing amounts of debt. What happens to an individual's credit card debt during a bankruptcy depends... Read More »