What happens to child support when the children are in dss custody?

Answer You should contact your attorney. It is likely that you should be paying the support to DSS.

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If the parents each have custody of one of their children is there still a matter of child support paid and if so to whom?

Answer It depends on what state you are in. The state determines how child support is calculated. Now, if you each have 50% residential time with the child, then no support may be due, however, i... Read More »

If you have joint custody of your children do you have to pay child support while they spend the summer with you in NY?

Answer This is an issue which should have been addressed in the original support agreement.If there is no stipulation as to how support should be administered when the children are with you. You ar... Read More »

If your wife gets sole custody of your children can she still take you back to court for reasons other than an increase in child support?

Answer I believe that the wife can take you back to court for changes in visitation scheduling. She can take you back to court for obtaining clarity on the visitation which you have been granted.

Can a parent that is behind in child support get joint custody of a child whos mother already has full legal custody?

AnswerCertainly some evidence of responsibility (ie paying child support, job, time spent with the child) would help your case. Joint custody, however, is not just for the purpose of reducing chil... Read More »