What happens to assets when a bank goes into bankruptcy?

Answer The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) protects the assets of a bank that has fallen into bankruptcy or "failed." The FDIC is responsible for collecting the assets of the bank and insuring the ... Read More »

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What Happens to Checking Accounts When a Bank Goes Bankrupt?

When a bank goes bankrupt, it can no longer pay back its checking account depositors. Before 1934, when Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. insurance began, depositors risked losing all of their money ... Read More »

What happens when a house goes into foreclosure?

Foreclosure is the process by which a lender repossesses a property securing a defaulted loan. New consumer protection legislation in our changing economy will continue to affect the specific forec... Read More »

What happens when someone goes into remission?

Don't know if I'm considered to be in remission, but there is no evidence of disease. I started off getting a scan every other month. After a year or so, every 3 months,then 4. Now, after 4 years, ... Read More »

What happens when a house goes into foreclosure in Wisconsin?

The state of Wisconsin mandates that a judge issues a final judgment of foreclosure. Once he issues the judgment, a process begins that may result in a sale of the property.ReclamationAfter the for... Read More »