What happens to an unborn baby if the mother dies while pregnant?

Answer It depends on the gestational age of the fetus. If the fetus is 27 weeks or later an emergency delivery of the baby can be done to try and save it. A baby could survive earlier than 27 weeks. With ... Read More »

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Is it harmful to the unborn baby if a pregnant mother cannot hold down any food or fluids for more than a week?

Answer Your baby is well protected, the only harm that will come is going to happen to the mother. The baby will take what it needs from the mother's body. More than a week is call for a little con... Read More »

What happens to your baby if you take steroids while pregnant?

It could be affected very badly with the worst outcome of it being brain-damaged.

If a mother suffers anxiety while pregnant can it harm the baby?

Yes, if the stress is extreme. All expectant mothers, and lets face it all people in general, experience stress. This is normal but if the stress is extreme it can have harmful effects on the baby.

How does perms affect the mother and baby while pregnant?

AnswerPerms are fine. There is no evidence to suggest it harms the baby. I was bleaching my hair and everything when i was pregnant and she turned out fine.NO IT'S NOT FINE! Your hormones are chang... Read More »