What exactly happens when you drink salt water?

Answer Excessive salt intake destroys the kidneys, as the human kidney is not designed, to handle that large a load of salt. So, that signals thirst, which makes you want to drink more seawater, continuin... Read More »

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What happens when regular table salt is added to water?

Regular table salt, sodium chloride, is easily dissolved in water. This is due to the chemical bonds that hold salt molecules together, as well as the unique properties or water.Chemical BondsThere... Read More »

What Happens to Roadside Plants When Salt Is Used to Melt Ice on Roads?

When salt dissolves, it decreases the freezing point of the water. Consequently, salt is often added to icy roads in wintertime. Afterwards, however, the salt can sometimes have detrimental effects... Read More »

What happens when you water plants with salt water?

What happens when you mix food coloring in fresh water and salt water and mix them together?