What happens to a magnetic field particle at high velocity?

Answer The path of charged particles is bent from a straight line trajectory when they pass into a magnetic field. Positive particles are bent in the opposite direction as negatively charged particles. E... Read More »

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Does Neptune have a magnetic field?

Neptune does have a magnetic field, which is most likely created by the movements of conductive material that exists in its middle layers. It is believed that this conductive material is water.Sour... Read More »

Magnetic Field's Effect on Water?

The physical characteristics of water can vary depending on its chemical and physical state. Factors such as cold versus hot and low acid content versus high acid content can affect how a magnetic ... Read More »

What affects the strength of a magnetic field?

Both permanent magnets and electromagnets produce magnetic fields. Many factors determine a magnet's strength, including its material, the distance from the magnet, and the construction and electri... Read More »

How to Reduce the Strength of a Magnetic Field?

A magnetic field is a vector quantity produced by a magnetic material or electromagnet. Both of these devices are normally consisting of the elements iron, cobalt and nickel. Both types of magnetic... Read More »