What happens to a living trust when you die?

Answer A living trust is a legal creation that exists until it is formally terminated. This means that unless you have instructions to terminate the trust when you die, a trust continues to operate even a... Read More »

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What happens to a living trust when the beneficiaries die?

A living trust is a document that is part of an estate plan. Under a living trust, a person (the grantor) places property in trust for the benefit of one or more other people (the beneficiaries).Ty... Read More »

What happens to a house that is in a living trust when the owner dies?

Living trusts are preferred by those who wish to avoid probate, which can be timely and costly. With a trust, an appointed trustee transfers property ownership to a specified beneficiary, usually w... Read More »

How to Amend a Living Trust or Change a Living Trust?

A living trust protects your assets and settles the question of who will be receiving what part of your assets after you die. Putting assets in trust can also have some tax benefits. A living, or r... Read More »

How to Do a Living Trust When Separated in a Community Property State?

Legal separation in community property states involves living separately and physically apart. Although the law varies slightly by state, separated married partners terminate the marital community.... Read More »