What happens to a friend request you sent when you deactivate your Facebook?

Answer No, the message gets deleted. The person receiving might receive a friend request, but it will say from "nobody" or something like that, and even if they accept it wont work.

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How do you know that someone has ignored your friend request on facebook?

You can't see, but if you try to friend them again, it will tell you that there is already a request pending. Also, you know they confirm if you get an email that says they confirmed your request. ... Read More »

How do you know if someone ignored ur friend request on Facebook?

How do you unsend a Facebook Friend Request?

you mean undoing a friend request? Easy =)block the person and then unblock them.(By blocking a person, it deletes all connections you have with them, which would ultimately reverse the friend req... Read More »

How to See a Message With a Friend Request on Facebook?

Although Facebook allows you to connect with people you know in your everyday life, not every person who adds you as a friend is someone with whom you're familiar. In order to facilitate connection... Read More »