What happens to a file that has been deleted in Windows Explorer?

Answer Windows Explorer contains a safety net when users accidentally delete files on their system. The Recycle Bin is used to store deleted files, so a user can recover information.SignificanceBefore the... Read More »

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What Happens to a File When It's Deleted From a Pen Drive?

As computer storage evolves, the techniques and design of hardware evolves at the same rate. These technologies change quickly, and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with where the files... Read More »

How do you recover word doc that have been deleted?

I was going to say it can't be done. But try going to control panel and then folder options and unhide all file and folders and look for a recycler folder in the root directory of the computer. I f... Read More »

How do I find old emails that have been deleted?

Few things are as frustrating as accidentally deleting an important email. Although a message may appear to be gone, "delete" does not necessarily mean "gone forever" when it comes to email. Depend... Read More »

My myspace is telling me that my account has been deleted!?

it had a power outage yesterday people so the site went haywireIt'll be fine soon