What happens to a condom if the package is opened?

Answer The air will dry it out and make it unreliable. Toss it out.

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How long will a package of turkey bacon stay fresh in the refrigerator after being opened?

Me my boyfriend had sex the first time he had a condom on he pulled out the second time the condom brokehe did ejaculated inside me. What are my chances of being pregnant I Ovulated the past few days?

Your chances are more favorable to be pregnant than not. Anytime you have sex, there is always a chance - with protection or without. oh gosh honey you can get pregnant anytime you do not have prot... Read More »

What happens if someone lies about you abusing drugs in the military... Does an investigation get started... What happens when they investigate?

If you're not using drugs, the investigation will find that out. Why are you worried?

What is a good substitue for a condom?

umm you cant make anything that will work