What happens to a car when the water pump goes bad?

Answer When a car's water pump goes, its engine may go next. The water pump keeps the engine from overheating, and if it fails, the resulting spike in temperature can severely damage the engine.Water Pump... Read More »

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Well water pump pressure drops when we open water tap it goes from 60 psi to 10 psi seconds of opening tap?

A water pressure regulator is a plumbing safety feature which is designed to prevent water pressure from climbing too high while also ensuring that the pressure remains high enough for consistent f... Read More »

What Happens When a Water Pump Breaks?

Water pumps circulate water between a motor vehicle's radiator and engine to cool the engine. When a water pump breaks, that typically causes engine temperature to rise, and the overheating can lea... Read More »

What happens when the water pump breaks on a car?

An engine's water pump circulates water between the engine and the radiator to remove excess heat that can destroy the engine. Most internal combustion engines use water pumps of the impeller type.... Read More »

What Happens When an Egr Valve Goes Bad?

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