What happens to a baby's brain when a baby is shaken?

Answer Nothing good, the brain can become bruised, start bleeding and swell inside the sckull causing brain trauma, and life long injury. DON'T DO IT, IF YOU WITNESS IT REPORT IT, THOSE THAT DO IT ARE PAT... Read More »

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What happens when a baby is shaken severely?

The baby can have severe brain damage for the rest of their life. They may become blind, or they could have motor impairment (i.e. cerebral palsey) and they may have some cognitive impairments.

When are symptoms apparent of shaken baby syndrome?

What are the chances of a baby who lives through shaken baby syndrome coming out normal?

on the scall from 1-10 I would say 5%. if you have a baby in that condition than you have half a chance of him or her coming out normal.

What happens when there is no split in the brain hemispheres?