What happens to a baby that isn't getting enough oxygen in the womb?

Answer Insufficient blood flow to a baby before birth causes asphyxia, or an insufficient supply of oxygen supply to the baby's brain and body, as well as increasing levels of carbon dioxide. Whether dama... Read More »

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Is a rash that has no temperature and is over tummy back and neck of 15 month old baby bad enough to go to doctor - It is not itchy and is red - baby more grumpy but that could be teething?

How do you fix a rototiller not getting enough gas and not starting because of not getting enough gas?

Clean out the carburettor and jets, clean or replace the fuel filter.

My baby is a cheese-aholic. What is the one food that your child can't seem to get enough of?

Oh good! I thought Aaron was the only one. I am not sure how much cheese he would actually eat in one sitting if left his own devices, but he loves it. he even ate Wasabi cheese!He also loves Pi... Read More »

The tube that carries food and oxygen from mother to baby is the cord?