What happens to a baby if its born before the sex is developed?

Answer The baby's sex is determined at conception, as the embryo develops into a fetus the sex organs also develop. A baby born so premature as to have undeveloped sex organs would also gave undeveloped p... Read More »

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What happens to the baby born in lost?

Aaron was placed in the care of his maternal grandmother by Kate before she returned to the island in Season 5. Since Claire, the boy's mother, escaped the island on the Ajira plane in the series f... Read More »

What happens if a new born baby eat fries?

Incomplete question but I know this .A newborn has not developed the ability to eat solid foods.IE no teeth to chew and not accustomed to swallowing solids, only liquids. I think you would know if ... Read More »

What happens to the umbilical when the baby is born?

Soon after birth the umbilical cord is clamped about 7 to 10mm from the infant's abdomen, the cord is then cut, separating the new born from the placenta. The baby will wear a cord tie or a plastic... Read More »

Describe what happens when a baby is born?