What happens the first time you smoke a joint?

Answer You open your eyes to the world. While I do not believe it will make you have any amazing spiritual revelations (especially not the first time), it truly is something mind expanding. There may be n... Read More »

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Why is tabacco legal but you cant smoke a joint comfortable wherever you want?

my judgment is not impaired after smoking a regular cigarette.

What happens the first time you smoke weed?

First off the things that won't happen:You will not kill brain cells. Certain chemicals will begin to fill the gaps between brains cells making interacting between them more difficult, but will no... Read More »

Does Big Time Rush smoke?

NO! They do not, they are very serious about their actions!

Can I love God and smoke weed at the same time?

weed is a natural product, soo i think you can do both parrtttyy hard :)