What happens the first time you smoke a joint?

Answer You open your eyes to the world. While I do not believe it will make you have any amazing spiritual revelations (especially not the first time), it truly is something mind expanding. There may be n... Read More »

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What happens the first time you smoke weed?

First off the things that won't happen:You will not kill brain cells. Certain chemicals will begin to fill the gaps between brains cells making interacting between them more difficult, but will no... Read More »

What happens when you sip a purple sprite and smoke weed at the same time?

what happens is you hydrate, while at the same time getting high.

What happens at a first time contact lenses exam?

First the optometrist does a lot of tests to see how well your eyes are working... The typical E f pt o zcharts...... zooming in on your eyes, asking you to read stuff, etc.MY lenses are the ... Read More »

What happens when you get caught with alcohol at the age of 16 for the first time (not drunk)?

The police will just pour your drink out. If your caught with drink and are causing a scene,fighting etc then youll be taken home