In the Odyssey Odysseus defeats a monster using his intelligence and wit in Beowulf Beowulf defeats a monster using pure strength What might this illustrate?

Answer A difference between Greek and Anglo-Saxon values

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What happens after the last episode of haruhi suzumiya. I've seen all the episodes on the DVD but the ending doesn't solve any of the problems from the beginning of the show. are there more episodes?

a thunderbird came back from thousands of years ago from native American mythology.

What do Beowulf and Iliad have in common?

Both were very hard to originally translate

What time period did Beowulf live in?

The epic Hero Beowulf is a legendary character described in a poem. The setting of the story is Scandinavia in the late 5th century.

On the Ellen degeneres show What is the name of the show that airs the beginning of the show at the end and the end of the show at the beginning of the show?