What happens in a funeral home?

Answer Funeral homes provide a variety of services to people who must contend with the details surrounding the final disposition of a human body. A key development that made using funeral homes possible w... Read More »

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Funeral Home Colleges?

If you are looking for a career change or you desire a career in an industry with consistency, the funeral home business is an active and viable opportunity. As with any specialized career, trainin... Read More »

Where is the Ninde funeral home?

Ninde Jenks Funeral Service is located in Jenks, Okla., at 301 Main Street. Ninde Funeral Directors is located in Tulsa, Okla., at 2841 South Peoria, where it has been in business since 1939.Source... Read More »

When was the first funeral home opened?

The first funeral business in America was the Bucktrout Funeral Home in Williamsburg, Virginia, which opened in 1759 as a coffin maker. It continues in operation today. Over the years, Bucktrout an... Read More »

What is a funeral home assistant?

A funeral assistant or attendant is a professional who works alongside funeral directors and morticians, the licensed professionals who prepare bodies for burial or cremation. Assistants perform a ... Read More »