What happens in a custody suit if the father does not appear at the hearing?

Answer Answer Most Times They Give Another Court Date. Best Of LuckIf the absentee parent was duly served and has not contacted the court and requested and received a continuance or his or... Read More »

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What Happens at a Temporary Custody Hearing?

Courts that deal with custody hearings usually have the child's best interest in mind when making custody decisions. Sometimes situations arise where the child must be immediately removed from his ... Read More »

What happens if a mother signs over custody to a father and within 30 days refiles for joint custody without any of the circumstances changing?

If there is a visitation order or if you were once married to whom you had a child with you can not move with out concent from a judge. You have to file the request to move and they have to notify ... Read More »

What evidence would the father need to present in a custody hearing to prove that the children were being neglected by their mother?

AnswerBe sure that his ex wife is indeed neglectful of the children because otherwise it's a rotten thing to do. Sometimes ex's are bitter towards each other and will fight over who gets custody of... Read More »

If the mother has sole physical custody and shares joint legal custody with the father the two never married if the mother dies can her husband who is not the baby's biological father assume custody?

Biological Father Gets Custody No, unless the baby's biological father relenquishes his parental rights, he would get custody of the child if the mother dies, not her husband. The biological father... Read More »