What happens in "Three Guys One Hammer"?

Answer The video is about 3 Russian teenagers who beat a man to death with a hammer, stabbed him, bashed his head in, cut him, and ripped out his eyes with a screwdriver, and he was conscience and alive d... Read More »

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3 very insanely inbreds from Ukraine who were raised terribly by their parents, they first start mutilating animals for god knows what reason and then when that isn't enough they go for humans. Onl... Read More »

If girls get boobs & periods and have to get pregnant what happens to guys ?

Both boys & girls go through puberty. While girls develop breasts & start their periods, boys testicles drop, they start having wet dreams, their voice breaks & have growth spurts etc.. Although it... Read More »

If you had a hammer would you hammer in the morning?

no in the evening and piss the neighbours off

On what series did a female college student work for SD-6 good guys until it turned out they were part of the Alliance of Twelve bad guys at which point she joined the CIA good guys more or le?