What happens if your on the birth certificate but you really are not the father?

Answer Then you are still legally the father just as if you were genetically the father.

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What happens if the name of father on birth certificate is wrong?

I.e., someone else is the father? Assuming more than 60 day since the BC was signed, this will require genetic testing or acknowledgment of paternity by the real father in open court, and an order ... Read More »

What happens if there is no father to name on the birth certificate?

Just the mother's name is perfectly legal. I used artificial insemination, so there was no father. My son's birth certificate has only myself listed. Perfectly legal, never a problem nor question.

What happens when the biological father is not on the birth certificate and has not seen the child in 3 years but now wants joint custody?

Answer The father will need to furnish proof of paternity, most courts require that be done by DNA testing rather than blood typing. If the biological mother does not want to voluntarily submit to ... Read More »

Can the birth father later reverse the adoption of your son if he is not on the birth certificate?