What happens if your mother hates you?

Answer I dont really know but this is what should happenIf your mother hates you....-you watch TV and see the deppersion commericals and say is that me?-Always act quiet and a mystery-attempts of sucide o... Read More »

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What should you do if your mother hates you and is mean to you?

My mother hates me because I sold my Phone. She thinks I'm lying I don't noe What To Do?AnswerHate is a harsh word and these are reasons to believe your mother hates you or not:Punches, kicks, curs... Read More »

A friend who is a girl. Her mother hates her idk what to do about this. what should i tell her?

Blood sisters are friends who want to be sisters so they cut them self and hold hands for 10 seconds and your blood sisters PS sisters

What can you do if the mother of your daughter hates you for no rational reason and makes visitations impossible?

Answer See a lawyer and start the process of getting your visitation rights sorted. Often the parents try counseling to come to an amicable arrangement which then legally gets written up and if tha... Read More »

How do you deal with ex-husband and step mother whom have custody who continue to emotionally abuse your child and make you as the mom look bad to the point that your child hates you?

In most cases, yes. The charge would be Child Endangerment.