What happens if your lock expires on your mortgage?

Answer If a borrower's interest rate lock expires before closing, he is no longer eligible for that interest rate. However, if desired, the borrower can extend his lock prior to expiration for a fee.Signi... Read More »

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What happens if your learner's permit expires?

On One Hand: Complete Process Again.In some states, you must complete the entire process of getting a learner's permit in order to replace one that has expired. For example, California requires res... Read More »

What happens if your auto insurance expires?

Then you will have to get a new policy. Usually a company will automatically renew you. Sounds like the policy non-renewed due to non payment of premium.

What happens when your visa expires?

Visas are issued for several different reasons. They allow people to work, study and visit within a country that's outside of their citizenship. Visas are often issued with a closing date. It is ve... Read More »

What happens when your driver's license expires?

Every state requires its citizens to renew their drivers licenses at regular intervals. Those who fail to renew their licenses when required have allowed their licenses to "expire" and may be subje... Read More »