What happens if you try to print money at home?

Answer You'll go to jail.

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What happens when you print GIF image?

No. A gif is multiple images sandwiched together that plays when viewed in a web browser. They work kind of like animation cells.

What happens to old money?

Paper money is circulated for a limited time. As it becomes worn out it is pulled from circulation and new money is put into circulation.Time FrameThe time frame for which paper money lasts in circ... Read More »

What ink is used to print our paper money?

The ink used to print U.S. currency consists of a proprietary formula that combines oils and extenders with dry color pigments. The green back is printed first, and then black ink is used to print ... Read More »

What happens to money when it is old&worn out?

Paper money issued by the United States Federal Reserve is not designed to last forever. Old, worn-out paper money and coins are removed from circulation over time. Many factors determine when the ... Read More »