What happens if you take the financial aid money and stop going to school?

Answer Of course you will. You will also have to pay for the classes you pre enrolled in if you haven't dropped them yet. (Since not showing up for the classes deems you ineligible for financial aid). Al... Read More »

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What if i drop out of college early what happens to my financial aid money?

Terese:What happens to the money depends on what type of financial aid you are receiving are when and how you drop out. Let's take a look.Probably the most important determinant is WHEN. If you go ... Read More »

I'm going to a new school and I need HELP on financial aid things, can someone tell ma what should I do?

the COA stands for the Cost Of Attendance. This is an estimate of the cost it would be for an out-of-state student to attend that college for one year. Your ACTUAL cost may be more or less depend... Read More »

Can you use financial aid money to buy non school stuff?

yes you can but it is not recommended that you do that. if you have loans you must remember that you have to pay this back so do not spend it on things you do not need. I dont think you can get in ... Read More »

How can i get money for school while on financial aid suspension?

I can only assume that you are on FA suspension because you have not maintained Satisfactory Academic Progress ("SAP"). If this is the case, you won't be able to obtain aid from the federal govern... Read More »