What happens if you take more then 6 advils in 24 hours?

Answer Nothing. 6 Advil is like one prescription dose. Don't make a habit of it, hell on your stomach lining, it'll cause ulcers if you do it often.

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Is it bad to drink alcohol then take 7 advils?

Why do you have to take contact lenses out after so many hours, what happens if you exceed the time?

When you first get contact lenses, it can take a while to get used to them. One of the reasons you are advised to wear them for a short time is that your eyes may get dry. Don't panic too much. ... Read More »

One of my friends took more than 35 Advils within 4 days and?

That's less than six Advils a day. Depending on the dosage (you don't mention the strength of the Advil he is taking), it's probably not a problem, although your friend should stick to the package ... Read More »

What happens if you brush your teeth 4 more then 2 minutes each time you brush?

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