What happens if you swallow shampoo?

Answer i don't think you'd like die or anything. ...but how'd you swallow shampoo??

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What happens if you swallow silica gel?

Silica gel often comes with products that need to keep dry, such as shoes and some foods. Although the label warns of possible toxicity, swallowing silica probably won't kill you or do much damage.... Read More »

What happens if you swallow glue?

you will die and live a short life and might suffer a heart attack or your organs might malfunction it doesent matter how much you swallowed you will still die check a docter fast but you have a 1 ... Read More »

What happens if you swallow a wire?

I've done that before, except I couldn't actually feel it stuck in my throat. Are you sure you can actually feel it because, those wires are so small, and sometimes when we're scared we start imagi... Read More »

What happens when you swallow a quarter?

you will poop it out, however with the size of the quarter it may end up blocking something so you may want to call a doctor and ask them