What happens if you stretch your ears before the piercing is healed?

Answer It can blow out an ear, keep them from healing properly, and possibly cause an infection. Also, since you went up so fast you could possibly rip your ear lobe if you go any faster. You NEED to slow... Read More »

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Your Open Question: Took out my minroe piercing two months ago and still hasn't healed ?

Depending on how long you had it pierced for it can take months or years for piercings to close. The best person to talk to about this would be your piercer.

What are your views on piercing baby's ears?

It would be less painful than a shot... however, I wouldn't recommend it, as it has the potential to get torn out, lost, swallowed, etc.Then, there is the possibility that one day, she doesn't like... Read More »

How do you stretch your ears?

Yes, get a pair of tapers the material should not be acrylic. I stretched mine from my normal piercing size to 14g, and my ears were somewhat freshly pierced. You should be fine with 7 years. The s... Read More »

How to Stretch Your Ears Quickly?

While gauging your ears multiple sizes at once should be avoided, sometimes gauged ears are needed in a flash. Here's how to do it.