What happens if you spit out blood and it comes out of mouth?

Answer You can have a bloody nose. the blood goes into your mouth. Just in case, go to the Hospital just to check you dont have TB.

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What happens to cotton candy when you spit on it?

Great question! You get a star from me! Except now I want some cotton candy!

Is it bad for you if you don't eat uncooked flour but you like to put it in your mouth then spit it out?

uncooked flour The whole thing sounds like a wives tale. I can't see a bit of uncooked flour doing any harm at all, but I could be wrong!

What will it do to your body if you put laundry starch in your mouth and then spit it out?

Answer Eating non-food items like laundry starch is a normal human behavior referred to by professionals as "pica." People have been know to eat everything from mud to tire tubes to laundry starch.... Read More »

What can i do if i have been throwing up the last couple days and now spit up blood?