What happens if you smoke weed during pregnancy?

Answer Your child can end up with asthma amongst some other problems, but asthma can be very serious. Ask a doctor. Just the idea is retarted. Give your child every chance it can get to have a happy and h... Read More »

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What happens if you smoke during pregnancy?

AnswerSmoking has harmful chemicals called nicotine and carbon monoxide. These chemicals make the mother's blood less able to carry oxygen and food to the baby.When you smoke during pregnancyThere ... Read More »

What happens the first time you smoke weed?

First off the things that won't happen:You will not kill brain cells. Certain chemicals will begin to fill the gaps between brains cells making interacting between them more difficult, but will no... Read More »

What happens when you smoke weed while pregnant?

Its like practicly like the baby is smoking ? soo yeahh if i was you i wuud stop

What happens when you sip a purple sprite and smoke weed at the same time?

what happens is you hydrate, while at the same time getting high.