What happens if you skip a youtube ad between 5 and 30 seconds?

Answer The person's payment has no relation to the advertisements. Youtube pays their partners by the number of views, not the advertisements on their videos.

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Did you know that you can press F5 during an advertisement on a youtube video to skip it?

I was already aware of this great tip when watching videos before I viewed your question, but I still will thank you for your attempt to help people. You rarely see that these days, so I'm glad som... Read More »

Videos freeze/skip/spaz on youtube?

If you are experiencing either: A) slugglish loadingor buffering, B) that "spinning circle" looking like itcould seemingly go on forever, C) "choppy" videos that start/stop/start/stop frequently, o... Read More »

Why does youtube stop at 2-3 seconds?

Try resetting your internet, or watching in lower quality :)

What do Youtube videos freeze every 15 seconds?

How many other programs were you running along?Was your computer going through an Anti-Virus scan?How many pages were up with the YouTube site?Was you Laptop (if using one) low on battery?These are... Read More »