What happens if you short a car battery?

Answer Car batteries are designed to provide power to automobile starters for starting the engine. When working with car batteries, precautions should be taken to avoid shorting the battery terminals. A s... Read More »

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How to Tell If a Car Has a Short Draining Battery?

Waking up to a dead car battery is frustrating, especially if it happens more than once. If your car starts when jumped and appears to keep its charge throughout the day, only to lose it overnight,... Read More »

Why is the Nikon D40 battery life so short?

On my nikon d40 it lasts for a long time, when you first got it you should have killed the battery all the way then charged it to the max without unplugging and then your battery should be good.

Why is my Ipod Nano 4G's battery life too short?

Anytime you do anything that uses the backlight, it depletes the battery at a faster rate. So yes, changing the tracks often (which turns on the backlight) will drain the battery faster.It could a... Read More »

Why is my 2 Year old Toshiba laptop battery life short?

All batteries are like this. Dell only warranties their laptop batteries for one year, regardless of the computer's warranty (if you purchase a 3-year extended warranty then the battery is still o... Read More »