What happens if you short a car battery?

Answer Car batteries are designed to provide power to automobile starters for starting the engine. When working with car batteries, precautions should be taken to avoid shorting the battery terminals. A s... Read More »

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What happens if there is a deficiency after a short sale?

A short sale allows a homeowner to sell the home for an amount that is less than the balance due on the mortgage. A law passed in 2007 may allow an individual to avoid taxes on the cancellation of ... Read More »

What Happens to a Second Mortgage on a Short Sale of a Home?

A short sale is a negotiation with a mortgage company for a homeowner to sell a home short of the total amount that he owes. Short sales are common for homeowners with little to no equity in a prop... Read More »

What Happens If My Internal PC Battery Goes Bad?

Personal computers have an internal battery called a complementary metal oxide semiconductor. The CMOS enables computers to stay current with the date and time even when the computer is switched of... Read More »

What happens if battery acid gets on skin?

Wash off under cold running waterand seek medical advise/treatmentBattery acid is highly corossive