What happens if you scratch a mole half-way off on accident?

Answer Put pressure on the area to stop any bleeding, put antibacterial cream on It to prevent Infection and keep a loose dressing on It to keep It clean. It should heal quite rapidly.

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What Happens If You Put Half Air & Half Helium in a Balloon?

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What happens if you scratch a bug bite?

The itch comes back, this time only angrier!

What happens if you borrow a car and you get in an accident?

First of all, it depends who it is from. If it is from a rental company, i dont know. but if it is from a friend i think you are liable for the damages.

What happens if you put in someone else's contacts by accident?

Nothing is going to happen. The contacts have been in disinfectent all night long. Dont worry you will be alright :)