What happens if you scratch a bug bite?

Answer The itch comes back, this time only angrier!

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Dog bite but looks more like a scratch than a bite.?

Why does my dog bite at her rear and scratch constantly, pulling her hair out?

Dogs bite themselves to scratch an itch, especially on the rear end where most dogs can't reach with their claws. If the biting becomes constant and results in hair loss, something could be botheri... Read More »

When you scratch a mosquito bite does it release poison into the bloodstream?

No, it does not. The mosquito doesn't inject a toxin. Instead, they simply try to injest your blood as a nutrient. The problems come in when the transfer goes both ways. The bump is your body react... Read More »

Can i fix a scratch on a camera lens or is it done for can't see the scratch in photos?

A scratch on the lens will not affect sharpness of pictures, it will introduce a little flare when bright objects are in shot and reduce contrast a tiny bit. You don't say what the camera is, but a... Read More »