What happens if you put horseradish up your nose?

Answer I THINK IT WOULD BE TINGLING UR NOSEMy suggestion: First off if you're sticking horseradish up your nose you really need to have your head checked. I say this because if you've ever eaten it, you ... Read More »

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What happens when you brake your nose?

What happens if you don't clean a baby's nose?

If it fills up, the baby may breathe through its mouth and swallow air, resulting in a painful stomach. In rare cases, it could lead to suffocation.If the nose accumulates dried material, the mucou... Read More »

What happens if Pinocchio says my nose will grow now?

Nothing.If it grows then he was lying, but by lying he was telling the truth. So he's telling the truth, so nothing happens.

What happens if you blow into a baby's nose is it harmful?

In some cases, it could be harmful if too much force is applied and depending on the condition of the baby otherwise. There is no medical reason for this to be done unless you are performing CPR on... Read More »