What happens if you put cum from a condum in you?

Answer You could get pregnant or contract an std.

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What happens if a army soilders has PTSD and gets an dishonorable discharge from the army from hitting an officer?

He considers himself fortunate that he was not charged criminally and court marshalled for striking an officer, and goes home to carry on with his life as best he can.

What happens if you borrow from a 401(k) plan?

The Internal Revenue Service permits people to borrow money from their 401(k) plan before they reach retirement age. These loans are not distributions and must be repaid.SizeAs of 2010, you can bor... Read More »

What happens if I withdraw from college?

your always be remembered as a quiter/failureschool isn't easy son and not every1 has a chance like you got.

What happens after I receive my SAR from FAFSA?

Great, your FAFSA processed. Now In 3-7 days your school should receive your FAFSA aswell. Wait for your school to ask you for what is called "Verification" IF you are picked for financial aid. For... Read More »