What happens if you photo copy a mirror?

Answer…nothing happens

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Do i look the way i do in a mirror or a photo?

What is more accurate - Mirror or Photo and why ?

il say its the mirror buddy, because talking about accurate. . mirror doesn't require any batteries or such technological devices, you can look at it, and you can fix yourself quickly with no press... Read More »

Do you ever look in the mirror and think ohh yeahh but then look at photo and its like what the hell?

In addition to this, did u know you can take two mirrors, put them in 90 degree angles, and when you look down in the center, it shows the non reversed you. So you can see yourself if you came face... Read More »

Scanning the photo for copy?

Generally speaking you want to set your brightness first to where the highlights aren't blown out (all gone white without distinction). Then add contrast until your shadows look normal, readjust br... Read More »