What happens if you photo copy a mirror?

Answer…nothing happens

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What is more accurate - Mirror or Photo and why ?

il say its the mirror buddy, because talking about accurate. . mirror doesn't require any batteries or such technological devices, you can look at it, and you can fix yourself quickly with no press... Read More »

What happens if you scan a mirror?

You would probably just get a white image, but you might also "dazzle" the photocells and break the scanner, because it's not designed to scan specular reflective materials.

What happens when you xerox a mirror?

I remember doing this with a Black & White photocopier back in high school. It resulted in a white page with the odd black speckles.Most modern Xerox machines work like a Scanner & Printer combina... Read More »

What Happens If You Don't Pay a Photo Radar Ticket?

A photo radar ticket is a snapshot taken of a license when a radar gun measures speeds above the speed limit. If you don't pay for a Photo Radar Ticket, it could result in extra fines, suspension o... Read More »