What happens if you lose a small claims case?

Answer If you are sued in small claims court and lose, a judgment will be entered against you. If not appealed or set aside, that judgment it will become binding and legally enforceable after the expirat... Read More »

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How to File a Small Claims Case?

Settle matters on your own or take immediate legal action in small claims court. The legal process is simplified to enable you to file a claim and appear before the court without a lawyer or any le... Read More »

How to File a Case in Small Claims Court?

Under the impression the term “small claims court” describes the physical size of a courtroom rather than what transpires inside? In fact, small claims court is a place where people claiming to... Read More »

How to Win a Case in Small Claims Court in Arizona?

If you have filed a small claims court case in Arizona and are representing yourself, you will need to be prepared when your trial date arrives in order to win your case. Representing yourself in s... Read More »

How to File a Small Claims Case in Henrico, Virginia?

Individuals seeking financial compensation of $5,000 or less in Henrico, Virginia have the option of filing a suit in small claims court. Filing a small claims case is a way to obtain a civil judg... Read More »